Pini Kay Wood Brquettes

//Pini Kay Wood Brquettes

Pini Kay Wood Brquettes

Pini kay Fireplace Briquette burns slowly, which gives off more heat, thus saves money. The unique technology of producing this briquette enables aesthetic combustion, without absorbing moisture from the air, and prevents contamination of heating devices..
consist in rectangular form agglomerations with easy stacking and handling. Because of the hole in these briquettes, it reduces amount of smoke.



• Combusting temperature: 4500 Kcal/кg
• Moisture: 7-8%
• Ash content : 0,6 % -1%
• Mechanical durability 95%
• Partly destroyed briquettes: 14%
• Size : 65x65x230mm
• Packaging: 12 pieces in vacuum (10kg), 96 packages on pallet (960kg)
• Certificate of quality: available